Conduct Unbecoming an Officer

  • not informing me immediately when he knew in May of 2015 that he could no longer moonlight – so that I could plan and budget accordingly,  Am now not about to meet my basic needs, am not able to pay medical insurance deductibles for my health care needs, nor can I pay for years of neglected dentistry and still provide minimal food and vet care for  animals.
  • not informing me that he in November of 2014 he intended to and then had forwarded the mail
  • did not receive check in December of 2014  – went without food over Christmas of 2014, was sick and lost about 50 lbs
  • allowed the 2003 Dodge Truck license tabs to expire in August of 2014, and when I renewed  them in February of 2015, failed to email the tabs to me for over a month.
  • did not receive notice the 2012 Chrysler Town and Country Van license tabs expired in February of 2014. Was pulled over and almost ticketed for expired tabs.
  • do not know how 2013 or 2014 Federal Income Taxes were filed, which include the business LOGRES FARM, which I own and which is my only asset.
  • withdrew $5,675.00 from WF bank account on July 2, 2015 without notice or consent.  As a result, I could not update electrical – no air conditioning in  home and no fans for horses