punishing me for his illegal conduct

As egregious as his conduct for the past two decades has been, his conduct since November of 2014 has been even uglier because it is grounded in his expressed desire to get revenge because I tild the truth to the USAF.

August 6, 2015 letter from Mr. Clarke

he knew at least 6 weeks earlier that he was prohibited from moonlighng and said nothing to me

he took almost six thousand dollars from the WF account on July 2, 2015, without any discusson, warning, or consent


Allowing him to demand that I come to a settlement agreement that involve almost two decades of my life, my retirement, my only source of income and the viability of a business ai have devoted 15 year so my life to, with knowing:

Where he is

What sanctions he received,

What his cinome is

Where are our 2013 and 2014 income tax retuerns

Has he been allowed to retain his medical license

Is he now a board certified OBGYN

Was he allowed to retire from the USAF

If not, when will he be allowed to retiere and ant what pay grade

THE HISTORY OF OUR MARRIAGE is that he has supported the business, he can not just abandon it ub retaliation against me for telling the truth

And am I the only party in the marriage that is going to be harmed and pay the prices for his lies and hhis unethical, immoral and illegal activity.