Dr. Karen Gerancher OBGYN



Was either Mother’s Day or the day before, I called her because Arthur was very angry at me and very threatening. He was on his way from the Winston Salem house to the Carthage home where I was. I was terrified, and was trying to find a way to stop him, to get him to calm down, or at least know that other people knew what was going on.

I called Dr. Karen Gerancher, the WF Residency Program Director

I told Dr. Gerancher:

  • He is angry,
  • he is on his way here to this home.
  • I am afraid he will hurt me.
  • Will you  just call him and ask him to calm down and turn around

Initially Gerancher wa  willing to call him, up until I made a comment  that we were both married to men who made our lives difficult, a reference to Gerancher’s husband having recently been arrested for exposing himself to young girls.  Gerancher hung up on me, after implying that she was some sort of “superior” form of human and essentially resented being compared to a mere common mortal like me.