Rep Walter Jones

DC rep hangs up on me

I call back and ask if the Congressman knows his reps hang up on constituents

“Yes, we are allowed to do so.”

NC number,

Abuse of a Vulnerable Adult (describe how I am living) and the Duke Med Policy (to exclude victims of abuse)

  • Rep says “Duke is a private hospital” they can do what  they like
  • I respond:  “Do they get ANY federal funding, because if so, they should not be allowed to exclude victims of abuse  from their patient population, most especially when the patient has just been told by an ER doctor she is in eminent danger of a fatal cardiac event.
  • Rep says they can’t address this issue in part because: “that would involve introducing legislation.”
  • I respond, “Yes, that is what you were elected to do. You seek our votes so that you can hear our concerns and propose and or support legislation that addresses our concerns”
  • Rep says that I must go to the media to address this issue.
  • rep then gives me numbers that have been disconnected years earlier and are an utter and completel waste of  time.