Cost of Trainers and Care for Horses

Here are costs for taking care of the horses that Arthur had dumped on the rental property on December 7, 2014, over his October 2014 sworn statements to the US Air Force that he needed to be granted early retirement because:

  • his wife (me)  was disabled: and,
  • his wife could no longer manage the Farm, which in October of 2014 only included two old mares, 6 adult dogs, and puppies that were all to be sold immediately.

And, over my objections, including what you can read in these emails with Arthur and the trainer  on December 1, 2014 and December 2, 2014, that we had no facilities for the horses and I could not possibly care for them because of  my age and disabilities.


2013 2014 receipts-1 2013 2014 receipts-2Here is the cost for the care of the Horses, over an above the other costs