Col Wayne Pritt

Col Pritt  refuses to ever accept or return my phone calls

December (15? check date) 2014 Col Paul Gorely leaves me a phone message that “they are taking this very seriously and that the entire command knows about the claims I have made, including Martinez and the Hospital Commander Col Pritt, I think he might even mention Coll John C Allen.  (insert copy of voice message from Gorely


January 12,  2015, about 6:00 p.m.

  •  Col Pritt again refuses to accept my phone
  • his gatekeeper “Vicky” is extremely rude, caustic and almost gloating that I have been a fool
  • he’s been allowed to retire
  • been promoted to Lt. Col AJG
  • they are doing nothing and, in a mocking tone, I should have gone to the police in the beginning

I respond, ”
how do you people sleep at night?”