Dr. Arthur John Greenwood

Beginning in Medical School in 1999, Arthur became obsessed with being an Olympic SportHorse Breeder and dog breeder.

Actually, it started a few weeks before medical school in 1999 when Arthur used the money meant for Child Support his three young children from his first marriage, to buy himself a Show Quality Afghan Hound puppy. Arthur’s first wife didn’t know about the Show Puppy, but she was furious the Arthur had defaulted on his Child Support. She had the State Of Washington Child Protective Services garnish Arthur’s wages. Arthur then ignored his own children for ten years, not a phone call, not a Birthday Card, not a Christmas gift, nothing, from when they were 6, 7, and 8 years old till they were 15, 118 and 19 years old. Arthur almost flunked out of Medical school because of his obsession to breed the horses and dogs. And he almost quit medical school in his second year (2000) to be a full time Olympic SportHorse Breeder. Arthur did so poorly in medical school he flunked the MLE, Step I and II and finished at the bottom of his class.

Arthur almost got kicked out of medical school in 2001 for Conduct Unbecoming an Officer in 2001. Arthur got caught having used the Military Medical School library computers about half a dozen times to pose as a woman named Lori on an internet blog about Warmblood Horses, to defame Liz Hall of Silverwood Farm, Laura Whitford d.b.a Shadow Fox Farm, and two other individuals. Ms. Hall traced the posts to the USUHS computers, and Mrs. Whitford contacted the School.

In all we spent over a million dollars on Arthur’s obsession.

We have no saving, no credit, no property. All we have in this marriage is the income from his medical training and the remnants of the 15 year Logres Farm business which he abandoned in 2014.